Print Box: Black Gold


Third in our series showcasing some portraits taken on assignment at the Black Gold Club, Miami. I was actually on assignment to only do a portrait of the owner of the club. The portrait I took was so-so and I was worried that my editor wouldn’t like it, so I asked the owner if I could take pictures of the club that night and he gave me full run of the place. I spent the majority of the time in the strippers changing rooms capturing these striking portraits. It was both a very educational and an eye opening night.

Print Box: Documentary


Second in our series showcasing some of our documentary work spanning 20+ years.

When I first got into photography I had no access to studios and lighting so I would capture what was around me- the people I hung out with and the environments I lived and worked in. Looking back at this body of work I still continue to shoot in the same photographic style as when I first started out. Whether it’s the seedy clubs in London back in 1990 or this years image of a homeless man walking the streets of old downtown Vegas.

Introducing The New

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We’re very proud to announce the relaunch of A completely revamped site that showcases some of the amazing commercial and personal opportunities we have had over the years. The site designed by DTE Studio, allows you access to an updated news blog as well as an extensive archive. Big thank you to all our supporters and a special mention to those who have championed our work including Creative Directors Melissa Jones, Kevin Wolahan and Greg Burke.