Canadian Broadcast Corporation

06/16/2015Environment / SpacesInteriors / Architecture

By complete chance we met the man with the keys to the archive rooms at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. He opened up rooms that had been barely touched containing original film, music and equipment archives dating all the way back to the early 70’s. What was more amazing is the equipment actually worked from film editing tables to original Sony CRT monitors. There were hand written notes on what film and or music had been taken out to review by whom and when. Fascinating.

Introducing The New

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We’re very proud to announce the relaunch of A completely revamped site that showcases some of the amazing commercial and personal opportunities we have had over the years. The site designed by DTE Studio, allows you access to an updated news blog as well as an extensive archive. Big thank you to all our supporters and a special mention to those who have championed our work including Creative Directors Melissa Jones, Kevin Wolahan and Greg Burke.